Turnkey Landfill Expansion

For those interested, there is a proposal in Rochester to expand the Turnkey landfill bringing it closer to one of Dover’s public drinking water re-charging stations along the Isinglass river. At this point Dover has not been consulted and the public response period has ended. Our Community Services Director (John Storer) has sent a letter to the department of environmental services (DES) looking for additional … Continue reading Turnkey Landfill Expansion

City Government – Perspective

According to the city website, there are 4 key sources of funding that make up Dover’s ~$135,000,000 annual budget (all numbers are estimates for illustration.  For exact numbers please refer to the city’s website linked earlier in this post): Property Taxes: $77.4m Fees and Permits: $5.8m Intergovernmental Charges for Services: $21.8m Education: $21.4m Other transfers & misc: $9.2m Historically tax payers didn’t have a choice … Continue reading City Government – Perspective

Dover 311

If you are like me, you are driving around Dover and seeing a lot of development happening.  I think this is great as it means our city will continue to be a vibrant place to live work and play.  However, if you are like me, you also want to know the details… What is being built? How will it look? How will it impact traffic? … Continue reading Dover 311

Keno in Dover

It does seem odd that we support public education with proceeds from gambling, but this isn’t a new idea in the state.  Today, the state covers 25% of its education trust annually with proceeds from the NH State Lottery system (https://www.nhlottery.com/Where-The-Money-Goes.aspx).  It almost seems more like a necessity now than an option if we expect to continue any state funding back to municipalities for education. In … Continue reading Keno in Dover

Dover’s Master Plan

Did you know that Dover has a Master Plan?  Do you know why a Master Plan is important for Dover?  Neither did I, until recently.  Dover’s city leadership has deep roots in the city and is extremely passionate about responsible economic and community growth.  A critical component to responsible growth is setting strict zoning guidelines that regulate how land can be used and under what … Continue reading Dover’s Master Plan

Why I’m running for Dover’s Ward 6 City Council Seat

I love Dover!  My family has lived here for 6 years now and we are drawn to the investment the community makes in its residents and also the investment that our residents make in our community.  That’s why my vision for Dover is to continue to build onto our momentum and ensure that our economic policies allow for both businesses and residents to thrive in … Continue reading Why I’m running for Dover’s Ward 6 City Council Seat