Why I’m running for Dover’s Ward 6 City Council Seat


I love Dover!  My family has lived here for 6 years now and we are drawn to the investment the community makes in its residents and also the investment that our residents make in our community.  That’s why my vision for Dover is to continue to build onto our momentum and ensure that our economic policies allow for both businesses and residents to thrive in our community.

We all have a vested interest in the future of Dover and we all want to ensure that Dover remains the best place to work, live and play in the Seacoast.

As a new city councilor, I want to be an ear to the community.  I want to understand what is concerning our residents today and how city policies can help us grow together.  Each of us has a responsibility to be part of the solution in Dover, but we need clear lines of sight into new resolutions and policies that will impact our way of life.  That is why I will work hard to ensure the existing transparency of what is happening in Dover is broadened to solicit feedback from the community.

I have spent my career working inside a Fortune 100 company, and take pride in my approach to leadership in being open and honest with people.  I truly care about everyone’s perspective and believe that all of us have great ideas and unique visions for our community.  My hope is that the community will engage with me in active dialog on matters that we, together, can bring forward for proposal.  I believe that in creating a tighter bond between the council and the community we can accomplish a lot, and I am looking forward to serving my first term as a councilor.

Please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form below and I would be happy to setup some time for us to chat about your thoughts and vision for Dover.


Contact Form





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