cropped-matt_keane_hs1.jpgHi, my name is Matt Keane.  I grew up in a small town in Central NH, Allenstown.  Growing up in a small town had some benefits, where the community was pretty tight knit.  My neighborhood was a higher density neighborhood with small lots and mostly ranch style houses that were full of kids and friends to play with.  I still remember trekking through the woods to adjoining neighborhoods to play with my friends.  The streets were small and the traffic was light.  I did everything either walking or on my bike.  These are fond memories of my childhood growing up in Allenstown.  My parents still live in that house today, 40+ years later.  My mother was a 1st grade teacher for 30+ years about a quarter mile from our house at the Elementary school in town, which is also where I went to school.  My father was a career IBM’er for 30+ years, then later worked for another technology company in Boston.  I have a sister, who works in healthcare in the Nashua area and a brother who is a financial consultant with New York Life out of Manchester.  We are lucky, in that our family is all still in New Hampshire and have each found our communities in the state to build our families.

After I graduated from Pembroke Academy high school, I went on to Keene State College for 3 semesters before I dropped out to start working.  I began working for a bank performing tape backups of daily transactions after hours at night.  After several months of working, I decided to move out to the Seacoast of NH, in Portsmouth and started working at a restaurant, where I met my future wife, Sharon.  After a year or so, I landed a job with a company called Flextronics as a test engineer.  Sharon and I decided to move to Dover and I bought a condo in Dover at 5th street station.  In month 12 of my employment with Flextronics, I was laid off and forced to seek new employment.  I was hired on as a contractor with Liberty Mutual in Portsmouth in 2001, and also decided that I wanted to buy my first detached home.  So I sold the condo in Dover and moved north to something that we could afford in Gonic, NH.  I was hired on at Liberty Mutual full time in June of 2002 and decided to go back to school to finish my degree.  I finished my undergraduate degree in Business from Southern NH University in 2006, then decided that I would continue on to earn my Masters degree while Sharon went to school to earn her degree in Dental Hygiene.  We both graduated one week apart in the Spring of 2008, me from Boston University and Sharon from the Concord Technical Institute.  After graduation, we focused on our careers, improving our home and some travel, taking us to Aruba and Ireland.  Once 2010 hit, we decided it was time to start our family and as a first step, we knew that we wanted to get back to the community that we loved so much in Dover.  We left the community 9 years earlier simply because we couldn’t afford to live there based on our incomes at the time, but now we were ready to come back.  Ten days after we found out Sharon was pregnant, our house was on the market in Gonic and then 10 days later we sold it.  Our hunt for a house in Dover though took much longer than we wanted.  After 3 months of looking and living with Sharon’s parents, we found a nice cape house, built in 1994, in the north end of Dover that fit our style very nicely and put us in a great neighborhood that we love.  After a few months in our new home we welcomed our first baby to the world, Jackson.  Then again in 2014, we welcomed our baby girl, Julia to the world and most recently our baby Jameson, who was born on Eclipse day 8/21/17.

Professionally, I have worked at Liberty Mutual right here in Dover for the past 15 years, escalating my role in the organization over the years.  My current role is a Director of Enterprise Technology where I enjoy inspiring and empowering teams to drive their passion into their work to change the way we perceive our business.  I know that may sound like an odd job description, but I see my role as a leader as more psychology than business.  Understanding what drives people to be their best is how we can be the best in our business.  Through giving people the time and space to be themselves, I have seen people do amazing things and am constantly inspired by the people that I work with on a daily basis.

Also professionally, I have been on the adjunct faculty at Southern NH University since 2010 where I teach online courses in Business Systems Analysis,  and Data Analytics.

Today, our family loves everything about our community here in Dover.  We take advantage of the many services the city offers.  From swimming lessons at the Dover Indoor Pool, to the many activities in Henry Law Park, the children’s museum and most recently the public school system at Horne Street.  With our entrance into the public school system in Dover, we are expanding our reach into the community to find even more opportunities to get involved and volunteer towards the growth and sustainability of our Dover community.